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Select Chiropractic offers a variety of services to meet all of your wellness needs

Chiropractic Care

At Select Chiropractic, we adjust the spine and perform other supportive measures such as assisted stretching, therapeutic massage, and neurological rehabilitation to treat various ailments and dysfunctions.

Massage Therapy

At Select Chiropractic, Massage Therapy is provided by a trained and professionally licensed massage therapist that provides  30, 60, or 90 minutes sessions of goal-oriented techniques customized to one’s unique relaxation and pain management needs.

Community Outreach

Select Chiropractic is proud to be a member of the Overland Park community. Keeping Overland Park and the surrounding Kansas City area as healthy as possible is of utmost importance to us.

Assisted Stretching

We have staff onsite trained in Assisted Stretching techniques. We offer 15 or 30 minute sessions to actively and passively stretch you.

15 Minute Chair Massage

What Our Clients Have To Say

Dr. Zach is awesome! I’ve been to several different chiropractors and he truly is the best! He is completely transparent with his pricing and treatments which truly differentiates him from other Chiropractors that I’ve been too. You’ll go in knowing exactly what to expect and will walk out of there feeling a lot better and a lot happier.”

Catalina Campos

I have been seen Dr. Zach for the past 4 years and he definitely knows what he is doing! Third generation Chiropractor, he has a great compassionate touch and always makes my neck feel better. He is also fantastic with children! My 11 year old son has had eczema and contact dermatitis since he was a baby. Coming to see Dr. Zach on a regular basis changed his life. My son’s skin is significantly better and now he and his little brother ASK me to come to Select Chiropractic!

Angelique Skaggs

Excellent First experience at a Chiropractor. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised. I would say the best quality of Dr. Zach is that he listened intently and took notes as I described my pain. During treatment he focused on all the areas where I had pain and explained exactly how he planned to treat them. He also explained things I could do at home to continue and improve my shoulder pain. I am happy to say that my pain has completely subsided and I continue to see him regularly. Great office with friendly and professional staff, easy to schedule appointments with evening hours that work with my busy schedule. I recommend to all of my co-workers, family and friends.”

Edith Wimsatt

I had utilized Dr. Zach’s services previously, so when my 16 year old daughter was having trouble with her lower back that wouldn’t seem to go away, I recommended Dr. Zach. In just 2 visits he was able to diagnose the problem and provide care and relief for her quickly. He is very gentle and listens closely to your concerns and fears, providing a comfortable environment and effective results. We would highly recommend Dr. Zach for your chiropractic care! 🙂

Norma Orton

Dr. Zach Kadolph is the best in the game! As an avid cyclist, I am often exposed to discomfort and back pain from long days on the bike. Being able to work with someone who has a strong understanding of athletes and their needs is greatly appreciated. I have had nothing short of a great experience every time that I have visited Select Chiropractic.

Anthony Lenz

Dr. Kadolph is experienced, professional, and personable. He engages patients in their care and is happy to collaborate with other health care providers to ensure each patients’ optimal health and wellness. His holistic approach to care is just what the doctor ordered!”

Stephanie Koch

Dr. Zach exceeded all expectations I had going into the appointment. My job requires a considerable amount of time sitting at a desk which regularly results in a stiff neck and back. Going in for a couple of consultations has really decreased the day to day stiffness and soreness I used to experience. Dr. Zach is also extremely flexible when trying to schedule an appointment with my busy schedule. If you are looking for a solid Chiropractor in the KC area you aren’t going to find a more professional or personal guy in the business

Casey Dickemann